Progress on the webpage

I got this nifty new computer rack. But in order to put everything in there, I had to unplug everything and plug it back all in.

That’s when things broke and the site was down for several days.

I got it fixed, but then an update clobbered my configuration. Data was filling up my hard drive causing different kind of crash. I got that fixed and now I’ve got SSO running too.

With Single Sign On (SSO) a resident will be able to log into here and to other services not yet created. I realize people don’t want to log into 10 different things. That’s why when you log in once, it will work in the other parts I have planned to build out.

If you’re wondering what else I’m adding, the answer is NextCloud which will do calendars and contact lists. It appears to do a lot more than that, but I don’t care right now. I’m going to make use Mobilizon for event creations. I realize there’s a site called Meetup and Eventbrite that do the same thing. It’s not my intention to replace those.

That’s the news so far. I can start sending out invites for users and soon a shared calendar you can subscribe to on your phone. Fun times!

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