A Roadmap to Build wedgewoodmanor.org: Integrating Subdomains, Calendar, Contact List, Chat Interface, Kanban Board, Event Page, and Recipe Resource

Greetings, digital explorers!

When creativity meets technology, the opportunities are boundless. Today, I want to share with you an exciting roadmap that outlines the future development of wedgewoodmanor.org, a project that’s set to become a dazzling beacon of productivity, community, and resource-sharing.

A Brief Overview

The primary aim of developing wedgewoodmanor.org is to create a wholesome online environment where multiple services meet under one roof. Our vision involves comprehensive integration of the following features: a Calendar and Contact List (via CalDAV), a Chat Interface (using Zulip Chat), a Kanban Board (with Nextcloud), a Federated Event Page (utilizing Mobilizon), a Shared Recipe Resource (with melie.io backend), and lastly, a Single Sign-On (SSO w/ authentik) for seamless transition between all these services.

So, let’s dive in and explore how we plan to make this vision come alive!

The Initial Stages: CalDAV for Calendar and Contact List

Our journey starts with creating subdomains for a calendar and contact list, leveraging CalDAV’s protocol. This open standard ensures vast compatibility, allowing users to access their contacts and schedules across various devices and software. Reliability and accessibility will be the backbone of these features, ensuring everybody stays connected and informed.

Creating A Dynamic Platform for Conversation: Zulip Chat

Next on the roadmap is a dedicated chat interface to be hosted at chat.wedgewoodmanor.org using Zulip Chat. Known for its unique threaded conversation model, Zulip will stimulate robust and productive discussions, bringing the spirit of connectivity to the forefront. This chat space will cater to vibrant conversations, cultivating a rich community environment.

Enhancing Productivity: Nextcloud’s Kanban Board

Tackling projects efficiently is pivotal in any community. Therefore, the integration of Nextcloud’s Kanban Board is an exciting step in our roadmap. Nextcloud is an immensely popular suite of client-server software for file hosting services. Wholesome task management, real-time collaboration, and easy file-sharing will be the order of the day.

An Eventful Connection: Federated Event Page with Mobilizon

To play host to an engaging and informed community, having a federated event page using Mobilizon becomes crucial. An open source tool, Mobilizon empowers us to create events, keeping privacy and decentralization in mind. This would further enhance our objective of nurturing an active community at wedgewoodmanor.org, ensuring nobody misses an exciting happening.

Nourishing the Community: Shared Recipe Resource with Melie.io

Whipping up delicious food brings people together like nothing else. Centering on this, we plan to create a shared recipe resource with a melie.io backend. Here, our community members can contribute their favorite recipes, turning wedgewoodmanor.org into a delightful hub for food lovers in our digital community.

Seamless Navigation: Single Sign-On (SSO)

Finally, to guarantee a smooth and undisturbed journey across all these services, we plan to implement Single Sign-On (SSO). SSO will allow our users to move between different services with ease, carrying forward their login credentials, thus creating a seamless, unified user experience.

A Welcoming Close

This grand journey from integrating CalDAV’s Calendar and Contact list, setting up Zulip chat interface, incorporating Nextcloud’s Kanban board, setting up federated events in Mobilizon, fostering the shared recipe resource using melie.io to implementing SSO, paves the way for a happier, more productive, and fun community at wedgewoodmanor.org.

Stay tuned with us, as we embark on this exciting adventure of building a unique digital space for our blossoming community! And as always, we appreciate any suggestions, support, or feedback you can provide as we proceed on this promising journey.

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